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SRAM HSX Heat Shedding Rotor - CenterLock

Let your discs take over the tarmac.

Image of SRAM HSX Heat Shedding Rotor - CenterLock

SRAM HSX Heat Shedding Rotor - CenterLock:

There are many advantages of moving to a disc setup on your road machine -- no heat buildup at the rim surfaces, incredible modulation, and powerful braking in both dry and wet conditions. And so, with the introduction of SRAM's new Red 22 Hydro R (hydraulics for the road) braking group, a specific rotor was needed to complete the system. SRAM took the design of its AVID HSX and gave it a few tweaks for road use. What you receive is the tested design of the heat-shedding HSX, in a package engineered to give you the best braking available in a road groupset.

The HSX Heat-Shedding Rotor was designed to seamlessly pair with the new Red 22 Hydraulic Road Disc (HRD) setup. Its two-piece stainless steel and alloy construction utilizes cross-drilled technology for significant weight savings without compromising durability. The new design promotes heat regulation, and shaves around 10 grams over previous AVID models. The cross-drilling also sheds water quickly, resulting in increased stopping power in wet weather.

Because the alloy conducts heat more efficiently, the alloy carrier on this two-piece rotor allows heat to dissipate more quickly than similar one-piece designs. SRAM recommends using the 160mm rotors for pavement and the 140mm size for off-road/cyclocross use. SRAM has placed a 250lb rider/bicycle weight limit on the 160mm rotor, recommending a bump to a 180mm if need be.

The SRAM HSX Heat-Shedding Rotor is available in 140mm, and 160mm sizes. It uses the CenterLock hub mount.


[rotor] stainless steel; [carrier] aluminum
Attachment Type:
CenterLock hubs, AVID, SRAM
140 mm, 160 mm
Recommended Use:
performance road, cyclocross
Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years

More Photos:

Black, Centerlock, 140mm

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