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Assos SS.Mille Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men

Better fit for bigger smiles.

Image of Assos SS.Mille Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men

Assos SS.Mille Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men:

Assos bib shorts have long abided by a trio of classifications -- .13, Mille, and Uno. And while Assos long ago introduced their ss.13 and ss.Uno short sleeve jerseys, it's interesting that they never made an ss.Mille jersey. Interesting for what reason, you might ask? It's because the ss.Mille bib short is their best seller, so it'd be easy to expect the jersey equivalent to be equally ripe for promotion and success. It took two full years after the unveiling of the ss.13 and ss.Uno jerseys for Assos to unveil the ss.Mille Short Sleeve Jersey, and based on appearances (and the fit) it was worth the wait.

The driving concept of the ss.Mille jersey is identical to the Mille bib short: It's their 'long-distance jersey,'which is Assos-speak for the fact that it's built with a less-restrictive cut. The pattern design impresses us for the way it's noticeably looser than the notoriously-tight ss.13, but it's still built with an anatomic cut so fabric won't bunch on your body or flutter in the wind. For the majority of us (fit riders, but our bodies no longer get mistaken for Adonis) the ss.Mille is ideally designed. Let us stress one fact: This is a high-performance, race-minded jersey. It is not baggy or floppy in the least. Rather, the proportions make more sense for lots of folks. The torso and sleeve lengths will fit true to size, as will the chest. But, for example, the neck, waist, and arms won't be as tight as you've perhaps felt in Assos before. For riders contending in the King of the Mountains competition, you'll be best served by buying the ss.Mille 1 size smaller than other jerseys, or by choosing the ss.13 instead. Except for riders like that, though, you can choose the same size in the ss.Mille that you'd pick for the ss.Uno.

The Assos ss.Mille is built from a combination of 4 different fabrics. The main fabric (you'll find it used on the front panels and arms) is known as 'Type 151,' and it represents Assos' innovation with body temperature regulation. When you're hot it accelerates moisture transfer from your skin to the fabric to the air. But when you cool down it slows down that moisture transfer process, using body moisture as a means of retaining warmth. The side panels and armpits are made with an ultralight 4-way stretch spandex that allows the jersey to perfectly contour to your body regardless of how your body is angled -- more upright when climbing, or arched-over in the drops at speed.

Like the ss.13, the back panel of the ss.Mille is purposely made of a breathable-but-inelastic material. Through its inelasticity, the jersey gets much-needed stability on your body. Throughout the middle of the back this panel serves to support the back of the jersey and prevents it from stretching vertically. Think of this panel as a frame or a support, preventing the jersey as a whole from sagging. It's more comfortable, and it makes inserting/removing gear from your pockets a whole lot easier.

The ss.Mille has a full zipper, a zippered safety pocket for keys or your iPod, in addition to its regular rear pockets and reflective rear panels. It's available in five sizes from Small-XLG. (Remember, in theAssos world, XLG=XX-Large.) It comes in 5 color options.


UPF Rating:
Recommended Use:
cycling, training, group rides

Sizing Chart:


Men's Apparel
Leg & Knee Warmers 0 I II
Height 4ft 11in - 5ft 2in
(150 - 159cm)
5ft 3in - 5ft 6in
(160 - 169cm)
5ft 7in - 5ft 10in
(170 - 179cm)
5ft 11in - 6ft 1in
(180 - 185cm)
6ft 1in - 6ft 3in
(186 - 190cm)
6ft 3in - 6ft 5in+
(191 - 195cm+)
XLG but wider
Arm Warmers 0 I II
Chest 35.4in
46.5+ in
How to Measure:
For best results, take measurements over your underwear.
Measure around the widest part of your chest.

More Photos:

White Panther, S
Black Volkanga, XLG
Blue Calypso, S
Yellow Volt, S

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