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Selev Matrix-R Helmet

An Italian Stallion ... for your head.

Image of Selev Matrix-R Helmet

Selev Matrix-R Helmet:

What is a new name to the US of A is an established brand across the pond, where Selev is not only one of Italy's oldest cycling brands, it's considered one of the most innovative. A powerful opening shot in its challenge to the more widely established names in head protection, the Selev Matrix-R Helmet sets the company's tone with a helmet that's highly comfortable, incredibly light, and above all, as safe as they come.

So let's start there: safety. The Matrix-R employs Selev's "total ring" polycarbonate structure, combining the front, side, and rear elements of the shell into one piece during construction, as opposed to bonding it with adhesives later, which can compromise the helmet's integrity in the event of an impact. The high-density EPS foam is tuned to precisely manage and distribute collision forces through the helmet, protecting your dome from damage at all costs.

Comfort was a top priority in development, too. A network of 24 generously-sized aerodynamic vents keeps your head cool at any speed, while the High Roll PRO fit system's redesign incorporates better ergonomics for more precisely dialing the helmet in to fit your skull, as well as reflective bits for nighttime riding safety. The Matrix-R's padding is all washable, replaceable, and antimicrobial just in case you don't feel like washing or replacing too often and the bug net that's integrated into the front vents keeps out unwanted passengers.

The Selev Matrix-R Helmet is 100% made in Italy, comes in sizes Small (54-56cm), Medium(56-60cm), and Large(60-63cm), and is available in four colors: White/red/black, Black/silver/white, Tricolore, and White.


Shell Material:
Impact Foam:
high-density EPS foam
Multiple Impact:
24 vents
Fit Adjustment:
High Roll PRO system
Claimed Weight:
[size M] 260 g
Recommended Use:
road cycling, cross-country mountain biking
Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years

More Photos:

White/Red/Black, S
Black/Silver/White, S
Tricolore, S
White, S

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