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Mavic Ksyrium 125 LTD Wheelset

Anniversary edition.

Image of Mavic Ksyrium 125 LTD Wheelset

Mavic Ksyrium 125 LTD Wheelset:

You'd be hard-pressed to find another wheelset that wears the "tried-and-proven" tagline as well as Mavic's Ksyrium. A staple training and racing clincher, loved the world over for its low weight, reliability, clean lines, and serviceability, the Ksyrium lives on in the form of the 125 LTD Wheelset. The wheel/tire system comes in a limited edition colorway, celebrating the French brand's 125 years of wheel design, along with all the proven technologies you've come to know and love from Mavic.

Made with Mavic's Maxtal aluminum, the Ksyrium rims are joined with an SUP arc weld on the seam, giving the rims a higher strength to weight ratio than conventional alloy rims and zero brake chatter where the seam is welded. To increase the stiffness of the rim, Fore drilling is used on the lower bridge of the rim, leaving the upper bridge intact and allowing the spoke nipples to be threaded in from the bottom only, increasing the stiffness of the rim by 20 percent.

Mavic gave the Ksyrium LTD the Exalith 2 treatment for a higher level of durability and performance on the brake surface. In wet conditions, the Exalith 2 treatment improves braking performance by 18 percent, so you can descend with confidence down rainy mountain passes.

The Ksyrium LTD wheelset rolls on Mavic alloy hubs. These light weight hubs come with double sealed, micro-adjustable, C3 cartridge bearings. Mavic increases stability in the rear hub by placing the FTS-L reinforcement between the pawl and hub body. Two stainless steel inserts add rigidity to the fully aluminum hub body, making the hub both lightweight and strong.

To keep the wheels light and responsive, Mavic employed their Traction Compression, or Tracomp, spokes. Under normal loads, deflection in the wheel is limited by the traction-resistant nature of carbon fiber. Unlike traditional spokes that flex under greater loads, Tracomp spokes compress to continue supporting the rim, preventing further wheel deflection so you your wheels don't feel noodly on descents and you don't lose power in a spring finish. The Tracomp spokes are laced to the rims using Zicral spoke nipples for durability where the spokes meet the rim.

Mavic didn't want to sacrifice ride quality by running just any clincher tires on these wheels. Expanding the line of its wheel-tire system, Mavic included Griplink/Powerlink front- and rear-specific clincher tires with the wheelset. At 127 TPI, and with good cornering ability, these tires will stand up to the likes of the Roubaix and still grip on high-speed hairpins.

Mavic Exalith 2 brake pads are included, and strongly recommended. Also included with the wheels are BR601 quick releases, wheelbags, a computer magnet, a bearing adjustment tool, one spoke wrench, a spoke holder for aerodynamic spokes, the Tracomp ring tool, and a user guide.

The Mavic Ksyrium 125 LTD Wheelset is available in the limited edition colorway and with a Shimano/SRAM 11-speed compatible freehub body.


[rim] Maxtal (aluminum alloy); [rear non-drive side spokes] carbon fiber; [spokes] Zicral
Rim Depth:
[front] 24 mm; [rear] 26 mm
Front Hub:
QRM+ alloy
Front Hub Type:
Rear Hub:
QRM+ FTS-L steel
Rear Hub Type:
Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11
Zicral, Carbon Tracomp
Spoke Nipple Material:
integrated M7 aluminum with dry thread lock
Front Spoke Count:
18 radial
Rear Spoke Count:
20 radial non-drive side, 2 cross drive side
Axle Type:
quick release
Brake Compatibility:
Rotor Compatibility:
Complete Set Weight:
[with tires] 1920 g
Recommended Use:
road cycling, racing
Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years

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One Color, Shimano/SRAM- 11 Speed

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