When Will My New Gear Arrive?

When will your drool-worthy gear arrive? How can matter have both the properties of a wave and a particle? These are both pressing questions. Let’s tackle the first one.

If you order by 7pm Eastern Standard Time on a Monday through Friday, and you use 2-Day Delivery or Next Day Delivery, your item will ship out the same day as long as it is in stock. Please see the chart below to figure out specific days.

Economy Shipping takes around 10-15 business days (probably not quite that long if you live close to Utah). This option appears as “Economy” during checkout. Most Economy packages are delivered by the infamous brown truck, UPS. If the delivery is in a rural area, UPS will pass the package on to USPS and USPS will deliver the package. This option is a nice dollar saver, but if you really can’t wait to rip open your package of shiny new gear, you might want to opt for faster shipping.

Freight shipping (kayaks, etc) takes 10-14 business days.

USPS shipping is not a guaranteed service. Delivery time for USPS shipping is calculated in business days (Monday-Friday). If you order on Saturday or Sunday, your order will ship on Monday. Tuesday is then Day 1. If you order by 5pm EST on Tuesday, Wed will be Day 1. Savvy?

If you made it through our shipping explanation alive and fairly sane, we think you’re ready to tackle String Theory. On your own, that is (we have, erm, shipping to do).

Order by 7 PM Eastern Standard Time on this day:
Ship via: To receive order on this day:
2-Day Delivery Wed Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed Wed
Next Day Delivery Tue Wed Thu Fri Mon Tue Tue
Next Day Delivery - Sat Delivery NA NA NA NA Sat NA NA
USPS Priority Mail (order by 3 PM EST) Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Fri Fri

Standard Shipping takes 1-6 days, depending on your location. Please see the colorful map below and name the capitals of at least twenty-two states.

UPS Outbound Map

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