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Product: Bottomless CL Day

More SILK!!!

Tuesday, April 03 2012, 08:47 PM

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Mavic Tempo Shoe - Men's

Tuesday, November 01 2011, 03:03 PM

Do you know if and aprox. when these may show up again. They were on just after midnite. I carted a pair w all size 11 showing but did not get checked out for some reason:(

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Please Post Up The Joplin Posts One More Time Tonight

Tuesday, April 19 2011, 10:22 PM

Much, much appreciated!!

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Another Dose of...

Wednesday, September 01 2010, 07:05 PM

L&M Vega 120 lights would be nice for the family, Thanks BC!

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Hardtailin' it at Whistler

Thursday, November 19 2009, 10:32 AM

Just came across vid this morning...enjoy

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Fox Racing Attack Bike Short - Men's is STILL...

Monday, July 06 2009, 12:12 PM

cheaper in BC outlet than here, and all the pluses that come with. (Someone had also said such model on sale at Fox proper too). This has NOT changed each time it comes up- no fix, no lowering of price here.
Whenever I see this i wonder- on purpose? Or Mistake?
Well is has happened so many times now with others reporting same, I feel CL doesn't get a lot of lovin from the "directer".

The sprocket OZ has lost some magic, or at least strong illusion. The seeing eye dog is asleep on purpose.

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Endura Full Monty Cycling Glove and Happy 4th of July

Saturday, July 04 2009, 01:41 PM

theses gloves are nice but run small in width; normal hand mind you. But if they are tight they blow out. What's the point (unless you have a guarantee!)
With BC exhausting its outlet junk, stuff rotating here is always a question: Should I just get items here, pay shipping, 30 day warranty, OR save shipping for free ship at outlet, and get an unlimited warranty on same item. For an an average of $6-$8 I go for the lifetime guarantee. The rotation here is same ad nauseum.
Always search your product before hitting checkout.

BC could throw more fresh fruit from the HucknRoll site into CL basket. The strategy is understandable as things are working now, but it makes for highly UNexciting site.

"Dollar, dollar bill y'all"- Everlast.

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Success in Any Occupation or Field of Endeavor

Monday, May 18 2009, 09:54 PM

I too lament the time "wasted"- especially as I now seem to rely on a base of mtb ability forged forcibly long ago on the granite steppes of the Sierra mountains. Sure, I may get sharper (wizdumb) but not necessarily stronger as I get pulled closer to The Entropic Blackhole.

The argument is interesting, and I know many have wondered about this even as children; "How does he/she do that so easily? I am going to practice extra hard and be just as good dang it!".

But we know there are those that are "gifted"- watching as your friend hops & sticks his rear wheel right where his front was, the rest of us straddling over the 2 1/2 foot metal moto guard so many years ago.

As an artist I have experienced both; able to look at early work that remains intriguing and sublime, no errant marks or ill chosen colors, timeless, perfect. Then again I compare life long work, and also see an evolving ability to translate and execute. The innate vs the 10,000 hr result.

I do know I am glad I've ridden as much as I have when I ride that narrow vertiginous singletrack overlooking a river far below. And I have to leave it at that- I ain't dead.

Finally, as far as candy goes, this "See's box of chocolates" has been picked through. Will a BC "holiday" deliver another?

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Candy Machine Half Empty or Half Full?

Monday, May 18 2009, 03:49 PM

Pretty lonely on CL but spring has sprung, hope all getting first long hits on bikes and back country.

Thought I would ratchet the mood up with latest David MacAskill video. Interesting start, he is getting better and better- whoa!


Product: Bottomless CL Day

ZOIC Pimped and Steezed Combo Pack

Monday, April 27 2009, 02:16 PM

Not quite getting this-
CL plagued by the infamous item over and over while Steep 'n Cheep gets to sell a Deuter double layer backed hydration pack- specifically FOR CYCLISTS because of its crash protection design.

Yes, there are thousands more people on SC site, but you are killing this one.

What's up with that Grant? Really, explain please.
I know you may sell more to a bigger prospective customer base, but that Deuter pack could ALSO have been shown here too.
Hell, it would have caused happy chaos; us just expecting the usual Loeka pinstripe W's short/capri as surely as the sun will rise.

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Santa Cruz...

Friday, April 03 2009, 10:55 PM

Grant said they (the blur) may be back up this weekend - in a couple of hours or till Sunday sometime.
For the Blur offered here coupke days ago, a reviewer at the outlet stated it was an '09 frame with a fox rp23, Reba SL not team fork.

Descript here at CL said first gen vpp and Fox float, no propedal, dating it an earlier bike.

Grant was going to check it out, but didn't get back.

As always confusing...but the pic did look like it had an 09 Reba BTW.

Product: Bottomless CL Day


Tuesday, March 31 2009, 02:47 PM

The SC Blur that was up: I went over to BC site to check specs (missed when they were up), and saw that first reviewer mentioned corrections-

-It is an '09 frame (not 1st gen VPP then?)
and it came with a rp23 rear shock instead of float R.
Are these true?

Oh, and WILL they make a reappearance 2day/night?
Thanks G!

Jim- that was the freak out

Product: Bottomless CL Day


Thursday, March 05 2009, 07:03 PM

You are so right. Each time I see these capri shorts, or even a variation, or a damn cotton Dakine or Loeka top, Piranha tires...I just shake my head.

This rate of repetition is a numbing- kills expectation, even if there is a nice bike once in a while.

These repeats plus with such a limited amount of item selection for CL creates a pattern that begs boredom to the point of forgetting.

Roadies DO pay more; so Bonktown has a bit more items to choose from each day.

Wonder why it is so dead here?

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Race Face Next Carbon SL Seatposts - MORE

Tuesday, March 03 2009, 11:15 PM

...sizes maybe, like those mentioned in specs -27.2, 31.6mm, 30.9 BUT we know this refers to some explainable middle range BC throws at us.

Okay, maybe they are not available, or there are few of them, currently selling for more because of popular size, don't know. Tired of looking.

Beats having to google items for correct weights (FSA wheels on BT) or the actual measured height in riser bars, inches or millimeters- I don't care.
But one thing is for sure, the idea that the more info you supply in 'Feature Specifications' just makes the BC's bike sites seem more savvy and keen, the customer is deserving of such detail. Just so happens we are more than deserving, often we NEED to KNOW.

Said it before, and I'll say it again each time some MACHINE part comes up lacking actual specs.

But I leave on the former point: the smarter you:, makes the customer feel, the more in charge and willing the trigger will be pulled.

Product: Bottomless CL Day


Friday, February 27 2009, 04:09 PM

if there is one pack, all day, pedal UP and gnar down, extra clothes, couple sandwiches, filter, get lost, WHATEVER, then the Nomad is it. Pads?

Product: Bottomless CL Day


Wednesday, February 25 2009, 04:44 PM

rolls? weighs? burns if accidentally caught on fire?

Anyway, I "how" too.

CL- Would you take $1200 in food stamps?

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Hello Back...

Monday, February 16 2009, 08:15 PM

probably a lot of factors why the forum here is somewhat dead- could list a few but "ah, heck!".

Instead I'll point to this as maybe one reason-

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Cart reset? X2

Monday, February 09 2009, 04:02 PM

I had that happen just the other day: I put some tires in the cart (the stock not even touched), saw another item come up, threw that in (plenty left). And when it came time for me to check out a wee bit later (long before Mtn time cut off), my cart was empty, no browser messing, nothin'.

Anyway, this is the second time this has happened. I've done plenty multi-ships.

"Sorry," is right, ended up purchasing zip.

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Hutchinson Spider Air Light Folding Mountain Bike Tire

Friday, February 06 2009, 08:02 PM

Actually a pretty decent tire, the only round profile tire I'll use- in the back.
Yes the weight is off, never been corrected- never.
still decent tire, but no excuse.
CL closed out some 2.1 versions of these. Now they were light, high volume, and surprisingly the exact same tread pattern only of a wee larger scale, losing nothing. The 2.1 was equal in measured width as a WTB weirwolf 2.3!
CL, bring back those!!

Product: Bottomless CL Day

Daily Menu...

Wednesday, February 04 2009, 10:39 PM

CL needs just a bit longer buffet table each day.

I don't care if BC needs to buy spoke nipples, a more diverse selection would have people waiting for more surprises- even if they are small.

Copy Echo, Tango out.

(Hasn't the price for the Spider XVP been up and down now up?)

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