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Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankset With Round Chanrings

Rotor round

Image of Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankset With Round Chanrings

Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankset With Round Chanrings:

Q-Rings leave impressions on cyclists around the world, but even so, not everyone is willing to make the jump to ovalized chainrings. For those riders who prefer a more traditional round ring, the Spanish based manufacturer offers the Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankset with regular rings.

Rotor first explored the use of alloy 30mm bottom bracket spindles through its involvement with the Cervelo Test Team. And while the Trinity drilled arms and compatibility with either round or Q-Rings remains the same, these Rotor 3D Plus cranks have a few small differences in comparison to Rotor's 3D road cranks. The stiffness, light weight, and strength remain unchanged. The 3D Plus crankarms retain this because of Rotor's Trinity Drilling System. On this crank Rotor drills all three parallel bores from the spindle-end rather than alternating the direction of the bores from both ends of the crankarms as on the 3D road cranks. Through this same-end drilling process, Rotor is able to relieve the 3D Plus crankarms of even more excess material, and therefore excess weight, while maintaining the rigidity and strength that you need. The CNC-machine work and laser-etched graphics give Rotor cranks a distinctly industrial appearance.

The 30mm alloy spindle is sized to work with either BB Right or BB30 bottom bracket standards. Rotor includes the appropriate fittings for both systems. In fact, with the proper Rotor bearing cups (BB30-BSA), the 3D Plus is able to be used in a standard 68mm English-threaded or Italian-threaded bottom bracket shell. In any application, Rotor's clever design and machine work is evidenced by its use of a locking pre-load collar that makes bearing adjustment a breeze once the crankarms are installed and torqued to spec. This pre-load collar is another difference from the standard 3D road cranks, as they use a different system to connect everything together.

The Rotor 3D Plus Road Crankset with Round Chainrings is compatible with BB30 frames (68mm BB width), Cervelo BB right specification, and classic threaded frames, using Rotor "BSA30" BB cups. It is available with a 175mm crankarm length as a compact 50/34t with round chainrings. The 3D Plus Cranks have a 147mm Q-factor. Please note that these chainrings are not compatible with 11-speed shift systems.


Arm Length:
175 mm
Chainring Sizes:
34 x 50 t
Bolt Circle Diameter:
110 mm
Bottom Bracket:
BB Type:
BB30, BB Right
BB Threading:
five bolt pattern
Compatible Components:
BB30 Frames, BBright, Classic threaded, All 110BCD Q-Ring oval chainrings and round chainrings
Claimed Weight:
[172.5mm] 688 g
Recommended Use:
road cycling

More Photos:

One Color, 172.5mm, 39/53

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