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3T Tornova Team Handlebar

Old school pretty, new school comfortable.

Image of 3T Tornova Team Handlebar

3T Tornova Team Handlebar:

With over a half century of experience supplying components to the world's greatest racers, it's safe to say that 3T has seen a boatload of trends come and go. And despite the brand's iconic history, it's far from content to rest on its laurels, which makes the 3T Tornova Team Handlebar particularly exciting. By combining the aesthetics of its classic bend bars, with subtle ergonomic details pilfered from its more progressive shapes, the Italian masterminds have created a handlebar that's incredibly comfortable, while maintaining the beautiful lines we love so dearly.

We're no luddites, but we do love the aesthetics and feel of a classic bend bar, and 3T's Rotundo has long been a benchmark in this category. That made the Rotundo the perfect starting point when designing the Tornova's progressive shape. It maintains the Rotundo's long/deep reach, but adds two degrees of flare to the drops, which results in the bottom of the hooks being 1cm wider than the listed center to center measurement. Much has changed since the advent of the classic long/deep shape, and the most notable, at least for our purposes here, is the change from riding primarily in the drops, to riding on the hoods. Accordingly, the Toronova Team features a slight reshaping of the top of the bend, which allows the hoods to extend off the bar in a smooth line, thereby improving your comfort for the long haul. And it's rounded off with a flattened top section that's reminiscent of the Ergonova. In other words, 3T took the best attributes of each of its handlebars, and used them to concoct a bar that satisfies the demands of traditionalists and new-schoolers alike.

3T built the Tornova Team handlebar out of carbon fiber, which keeps the weight at 215 grams for the 42cm version. And despite the feathery weight, the flats have been reinforced to accommodate the majority of clip-on aero bars. As you'd expect, you'll need to pay particularly close attention to the torque specs, but clip-on-compatible carbon bars are hard to come by, and the attention is well worth the added versatility.

The 3T Tornova Team Handlebar is available in three sizes from 40 to 44cm and in the colors Gloss Black and Stealth. Please note: 3T handlebars are measured center to center, at the hoods.


carbon fiber
31.8 mm
40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm
139 mm
83 mm
Recommended Use:
road riding, racing
Manufacturer Warranty:
2 years

More Photos:

Gloss Black, 40cm
Stealth, 44cm

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