Chainlove Alerts

Don't miss another fix. We've got some ways (and more coming) for you to instantly find out when a new steal is listed. Each alert has its own flavor—like mullets vs mohawks—and each one provides a main line to the latest screaming deal. Luddites need not apply.

MAC Desktop Alert

macsac alert screenshot
  • MacSAC is a small freeware application that tracks deals on Steep and Cheap (SAC), Whiskey Militia, Chainlove, and Bonktown websites from
  • MacSAC is a universal app that runs on Mac OS X 10.4-10.6. It pops a small alert panel onscreen every time a new deal is announced. If you spot a killer deal, just click in the alert panel to quickly go to the website and check it out.
  • In addition to tracking the current deals, MacSAC displays a history of recent deals and the "Deal of the Day" from


Vista Sidebar Gadget

Windows Vista Gadget Screenshot

The Vista Gadget lives in the gadget sidebar of your Vista Desktop.

  • Automatically updates when a new item is available
  • Shows Item Image, Product Title, and % Off Discount
  • Click the Product Title to view product on website in default browser


Desktop Alert

Desktop Alert screenshot

Get alerts on your desktop as soon as a new item becomes available on the site, without having to open a browser and navigating to the site.

  • A bell sounds and a small screen slides up from the menu bar with the item's name, description, picture, price and link to buy.
  • Updates to the Desktop Alert will be released often.
  • The download is spyware free so you don't have to worry.

Version 1.6.1  |  720 KB  |  Windows only

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Firefox Plugin

Firefox plugin screenshot

The Firefox Plug-in lives in the status bar of your browser.

  • Slider shows every time a new item comes on the site
  • Item and price text always show in the status bar of your browser
  • Hover over text to surface the slider
  • Click text or slider to go to the site

Version 1.8  |  28.1 KB  |  Firefox 3.6+

The Derailleur Email


We send this email every night at midnight, and drop clues about what's about to sell (or we'll flat out tell you, depending on our mood).

You can unsubscribe at any time. Plus, we promise not to give your information to any third parties. Ever. See our privacy policy

Chainlove Chrome Extension

Chrome extension screenshot

This Google Chrome extension makes the checkout process significantly faster.

  • Checkout takes 5 steps without this extension.
  • With extension, checkout only takes 3 steps.
  • Select the size of the items you wish to order, login, and submit order.
  • The extension will add the item to your cart and select the cheapest shipping option for you.

RSS Feed


Straightforward and easy way to beat everyone else to the best Chainlove deals.

  • Updates arrive through an RSS reader without having to visit our site in a web browser.
  • An RSS Reader runs continuously in your favorite browser or on your desktop.
  • The least annoying option. (It doesn't get all up in your face.)
  • But when the deals are going fast, your RSS reader might not be able to keep up.
Get Feeds

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Internet Explorer Plugin

Firefox plugin screenshot

The Internet Explorer Add-On lives in the top toolbar of your browser, providing seamless alerts while you're browsing the web.

  • Item name and price will always show in the toolbar.
  • Mouse over toolbar to see product image, price, and discount.
  • Click anywhere to visit the site.
  • Item updates are slower than other tools.
  • Must use Internet Explorer.

Version 1.1.0 | 549 KB | Compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

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Instant Messages

IM screenshot

We'll send you an instant message through AOL each time we list a new item. Be aware that Whiskey Militia moves fast, so there is a possibility that you won't receive a message about some items with low stock. Occasionally an item you are notified about may sell out as soon as you get the alert.

  1. Add 'whiskeymilitiaim' to your buddy list.
  2. IM whiskeymilitiaim with the word 'Subscribe'.
  3. Start getting IM's from whiskeymilitiaim each time a new item goes up.
  4. Call the bank to get your credit line extended

If you want to stop receiving messages, simply IM the word 'unsubscribe' and the IM's will stop.

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